Pumpkin Chucking

2013 FRC Team 1629 - 4th Annual Pumpkin Chucking Contest


What:       Prior to the event teams build and test pumpkin chucking machines… trebuchets and catapults and bring
                them to the event ready to compete. Throwing for distance on a range of up to 340 yards (Amateur class)
                or for accuracy (Professional class) trying to hit a target 275 yards down range.


When:      3:30 PM Saturday, October 12, 2013

                Contestant Check-in and Setup starting at 12:00 noon

                This event is being held as part of Garrett County’s Autumn Glory Celebration


Where:     Along Route 219 (west side) approximately one mile north of the town of Oakland, Maryland 
                (For us locals… just south of the Pine View Tree Farm and Animal Hospital)


How:        Two competition classes: Amateur and Professional (Corporate)

                Amateur class teams can consist of any community organization, friends at work, Church groups, 4-H
                clubs, scouting organizations, FIRST teams, or any other type of team. Professional class teams are
                those sponsored by various businesses in Garrett County and surrounding area.


Who:        Any team from anywhere can compete. Registration is open to all teams regardless if they are located in
                Garrett County.  Every team must consist of at least one adult present during the day of competition. The
                range can facilitate up to twenty teams.

     Registration fees are tentatively: Amateur Class - $25.00, Professional (Corporate) Class - $150.00.   Registration opens at noon on August 15.  Click here to register.


     Specifications: Amateur Class – Must be built on and fired from a 4’x8’ platform (and fit completely inside the 4’x8’ envelope some time during the launch process) capable of being lifted and moved by a forklift. Professional Class – no size limitations, but it will be up to the team to transport and position on the firing range.


     Amateur Class will be tossing pumpkins weighing 4-6 pounds. Professional Class will be throwing pumpkins weighing 8-10 pounds.


     Other information including safety requirements will be posted soon.


     All competitors will be required to sign a safety and liability release form prior to the competition.
     Contact Chuck Trautwein at 301-616-3231 for more information.